Buying a Benchmade Knife: Is it Worth Paying for the Name Brand?

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When it comes to quality and well-made knives, Benchmade has been the major name for years. However, recently there has been a surge of other brands that are beginning to compete with Benchmade’s reputation of very reliable and well-made knives that last for a long time.

Before buying a Benchmade knife, sometimes you just have to wonder if you are getting the best bang for your buck. 

Benchmade knives are often much more expensive than similar brands such as Kershaw, CRKT, and Spyderco and it is hard to justify the increased price. However, paying extra for a Benchmade knife is usually worth it because the knives are well-made, made of quality materials, and are very durable.

I was skeptical at first because Benchmade knives are so much more expensive than some of their similar competitors, but trust me, Benchmade knives are some of the best knives that you can buy and are well worth the price.

So let’s just get right into some of the more specific reasons and ways that Benchmade knives are superior to their competition. But let me just tell you, it is near impossible to find a similarly well-made knife for a better price than what you can get a Benchmade for.

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Are Benchmade Knives Worth it? 

It is almost undeniable that Benchmade knives are pretty amazing knives, but are they worth it? Personally, I would say that Benchmade knives are well worth it and are hands down some of the best knives that you can purchase. 

Well, know that I’ve told you what I think about whether Benchmade knives are worth it or not, let me explain why I think this way. Some of the main reasons for Benchmade knives being worth the inflated price tag are:

  1. Excellent Build Quality
  2. Premium Materials
  3. Reputable Company
  4. Long-Lasting and Durable

Obviously, there is a lot more that goes into making a Benchmade knife such an amazing tool than four measly bullet points, but these are four of the main reasons for them being so good. And let me tell you, they are pretty darn great knives.

1. Excellent Build Quality

Once you get your hands on an authentic Benchmade knife you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that their knives have amazing build quality. 

The entire Benchmade lineup is very well made and each of their knives is pieced together with amazing accuracy. Actually, Benchmade knives are party assembled by some pretty high tech machinery and some really highly trained technicians that ensure their quality.

Some of the crazy and precise machines that are used to assemble Benchmade knives have the tolerance of less than half of a human hair. This basically means that Benchmade knives are built and assembled with amazing accuracy and attention to detail so that the finished knives are solid and can last through some crazy situations.

If you look at other knives and other knife brands, you will find that most modernly made knives are pretty well put together. Even the cheaper knives sold today are pretty great in regards to build quality. But there is something about Benchmade knives, I don’t know if it is their great design, the machines that they use to assemble the knives, or something else, but they are really solid and well built.

Overall, this is all to say that Benchmade knives are amazingly well put together and their build quality is great. Great design that minimizes weak and awkward spots, great assembly technicians, and some really high tech and amazing machines yield some really great knives that are very well put together and solidly built.

2. Premium Materials

Especially when you include Benchmade’s long line of discontinued knives, you really begin to understand the amazing lineup of high-quality materials that the company uses to craft their knives and blades.

Benchmade knives come in a variety of different blade and handle materials, but one common factor between all of the materials used is the emphasis on quality and premium materials. You can literally pick up any Benchmade knife and you won’t find one where the materials used in its making are any less than great.

While Benchmade knives come in many different blade materials, a large majority of the knives made by Benchmade have a CPM S30V blade. CPM S30V is a really great knife blade material for almost any situation and will hold up through almost any normal knife use.

Depending on the intended purpose of a particular Benchmade knife, the materials that it is made of are carefully selected. No matter what knife you are getting, as long as it is a genuine Benchmade knife you should feel very confident that it is made out of good, premium, and appropriate materials.

All of the Benchmade knives that I have ever used and come into contact with have been made out of really good materials. Just looking through Benchmade’s online catalog, you are able to see that their lineup of knives are made of really great materials and are just overall very well made knives.

3. Reputable Company

When looking at whether or not a company is good and it is worth spending money on their products, it is important to take into consideration the company’s reputation and track record. 

A knife can be very well made and made of good materials, but if the company that makes it has a bad reputation, there is a pretty good chance that the knife might have problems that might not be immediately visible or obvious.

Benchmade as a company has a really great and clean reputation overall. 

Ever since their humble beginnings, they have provided their costumers with great knives and excellent service. From all of my encounters with them, their service seems to be top quality and very helpful.

Benchmade has also been the recipient of many awards both as a company and for their individual knives. Overall, it is pretty clear that Benchmade is a well respected and good company. Personally, I fully trust them and really like their products and services.

The knives made by Benchmade are also sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A. I mean, who doesn’t love that, right?! While some older Benchmade knives were made overseas, all currently manufactured Benchmade knives are made at their headquarters in Oregon City, Oregon.

Check out my entire article that goes into detail about where Benchmade knives are manufactured and made. It is actually quite interesting to look at Benchmade’s history and look at how far they have come in regards to manufacturing and producing their knives. I highly encourage you to check out my article on the subject if you are thinking about purchasing a Benchmade knife or are just curious.

4. Long-Lasting and Durable

Due to the care and expertise put into making Benchmade knives, they can last a really long time as long as you take care of them and don’t abuse them.

Under normal wear and tear, there is really no telling how long a good Benchmade knife might last. Some of the oldest Benchmade knives are still in use today so there is no way of knowing how long a properly handled knife might last.

As long as you use your Benchmade knife for tasks that it is designed to complete, it will last a long time and serve you really well. That is one of the appeals of a more expensive knife like Benchmade knives; they last basically forever so you don’t have to worry about your knife wearing out or needing to be replaced very often.

Benchmade also has some of the best perks and warranties for knives out there. They have this great program/perk called LifeSharp where you can just send in your Benchmade knife and they will sharpen, clean, and basically pamper your knife.

Check out my article on the best knife warranties that you can find! Benchmade is one of the top contenders out there, but there are also many other knife brands with great warranties and policies that are worth checking into.

Are Benchmade Knives Good or is it All “Hype”?

While there is a certain amount of excitement and hype around Benchmade knives, especially in the knife and outdoor community, it is well justified and fueled by Benchmade just being an all-around great company that makes good knives.

But let me just tell you, Benchmade is not just some hype thing that will go away in a few years. Actually, it is almost the complete opposite.

Benchmade has been a really reliable and well-respected brand for many years and makes some of the best U.S.A.-made knives.

If you haven’t realized by now just from reading this article, I really like and enjoy Benchmade knives. From all my experience and countless reviews online, it is generally a consensus that Benchmade knives are really great and good tools.

Just know that Benchmade knives aren’t just a lot of talk and hype, they are genuinely really great knives that are well built, made from great materials, from a reputable company, and just overall really awesome.

So, Are Benchmade Knives Worth the High Price?

Even I’ll admit it, sometimes the price tag on a Benchmade knife makes me wince a little and question whether it is really worth it. But after using and owning a bunch of different knives, I can tell you that Benchmade knives are usually worth the higher price tag.

Because of all of the reasons that I have presented to you, I think that Benchmade knives are well worth the price.

However, whether a knife is “worth it” or not is a very subjective matter. I have tried to show that Benchmade knives are worth it in my opinion because of their great craftsmanship, materials, design, and company reputation.

But, what really matters is whether you think it is worth the price to YOU or not. From all that I have seen, Benchmade knives are worth the price, and the price tag on these knives is very justified. But whether it makes sense for you to get one is a whole different matter.

For some more information about choosing the best knife for you and your needs, check out my article about choosing the perfect knife for you. In the next section of this article, I will go over some of the reasons why you might NOT want to get a Benchmade knife, so keep reading!

Why a Benchmade Knife Might NOT be Worth it

This entire article has basically been me singing praises to Benchmade and the knives that they make; well that changes right now…sort of.

While Benchmade knives are great and amazing tools, there are many people who would not benefit very much from owning one and there are many situations where they are impractical. Just like almost everything in the world, Benchmade knives are not a one-size-fits-all type of deal because they are not a great option for everyone.

For me, they make a lot of sense and I really like the feel and functionality of a Benchmade knife, but we all like different things and sometimes it is actually better to have a non-Benchmade knife.

You just really need to take a moment and think about what you want out of a knife and what your actual needs are. 

Benchmade knives have a sort of prestigious air around them and owning can be sometimes seen as a status symbol. But really, a lot of that is just marketing and peer pressure. Realy take some time to assess your situation and figure out if you really need or want a Benchmade knife before getting one. 

You can always check out my really helpful article on how to choose the perfect knife for you and your needs, here.

Below I will go over some of the most common reasons why you would not want to get a Benchmade knife. Personally, I will always take a Benchmade knife over almost any other blade out there, but for you, it might make sense to skip over Benchmade knives for some reason.

If You Tend to Lose Your Knives

This is a pretty obvious one, but it is still very relevant and you should think about it. If you are the sort of person that tends to lose or misplace their belonging often, it might not be the smartest decision to purchase a really expensive and quality knife.

I know many people who just, for the life of them, can’t seem to keep track of anything. They misplace their car keys, papers, their phone, and countless other items that they use every day.

If you are this sort of person, it might be a better option for you to get a less expensive knife by a different brand. This will help you actually use your knife more because you will be less afraid that you will lose your knife.

You Use Your Knives for Super Extreme Tasks

This is another reason that you might want to avoid getting a Benchmade knife, but it is definitely a lot less common of a problem.

Basically, if you use your knife on a regular basis for super extreme tasks that could potentially damage and harm the knife, spending a premium price for a Benchmade might not be in your best interest. 

However, there is the flip side to this argument where if you go ahead and spend a bit of money for a really well-made knife, you could do some more extreme tasks as well as common everyday tasks without having to worry about your pocket knife falling apart. This would be a valid and true way of thinking about it, but there are a few other things to think about.

If you are doing extreme tasks as in bushcraft or survival, a Benchmade would make sense because it would last and hold up through a lot of use. But if you are literally using your knife for things that a knife should not be used for, I would stay away from Benchmade knives because you will be very sad when you snap your really nice knife.

You Just Can’t Justify Spending a Lot on a Knife

Its no secret, Benchmade knives are really great and trustworthy knives but they come with a pretty hefty price tag most of the time.

Sometimes it is just out of the question whether you can get a Benchmade knife. Luckily, there are some really great alternative options such as a Spyderco, Kershaw, or CRKT knives. You can get some pretty decent knives from these other brands for a fraction of the cost of a Benchmade, but nothing quite Benchmade level in my opinion.

This is just one more reason why you might not want to get a Benchmade knife. Honestly, for a while, I could fathom spending so much on a knife, but eventually, I got to use one and I couldn’t help myself anymore. Once you begin to use a Benchmade knife it is really hard to switch, in my experience.

The good news is that Benchmade isn’t going anywhere soon, so you can always get one once you can justify the purchase. You most likely won’t regret it; I absolutely love Benchmade if you haven’t picked that up from reading this.

I really like almost all Benchmade knives, so it was very hard for my to choose my absolute favorites. There are a bunch of Benchmade knife options out there, but these are my favorites for everyday use and just taking care of tasks that pop up during the day:

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