11 Best Knife Warranties and Policies On the Planet

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Sometimes, a major factor that can influence whether you buy a knife or not is whether it has a warranty and the company has a good return policy. But as we all know, not all warranties on knives are created equal and some companies offer some great benefits, warranties, and policies while others leave you with none. 

Knife companies sometimes offer a warranty on their knives, but this can range from unconditional knife replacements to store credit and sincere apologies. By putting a really great warranty on their knives, companies like Buck, ESEE, KA-BAR, and others are ensuring that their knives are top-quality.

When you see a really great warranty on a knife, it basically says that the company believes in its products and they are willing to put their money where their mouth is. It is just one more way to ensure that you are making a good purchase and knowing that your knife is backed by a warranty is a great feeling.

There are a lot of knife companies out there that offer warranties on their knives, but some of them offer warranties that are just above and beyond what you would expect. I’ve compiled this list of knife companies with the best warranties so that you can find the right company and knife for you that will last for a long time and be backed by an amazing warranty.

Please check the official company website for each knife brand to get up-to-date details on their knife warranties and policies. 

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1. A.G. Russell

Possibly the greatest knife warranties on the planet, A.G. Russell knives are almost unbeatable. While their warranty is quite open-ended and vague, this leaves a lot up to interpretation and speculation. This type of warranty on a knife is a really strong indicator that their knives are really high quality and that they, as a company, believe in their product and are proud of it.

A.G. Russell’s knife guarantee is basically up to your interpretation and, as they put it, “We guarantee total satisfaction.” You can take this to the most extreme or keep it mild, but it is really up to you, the customer, to define what total satisfaction is. Isn’t this just a freaking amazing warranty!? If it breaks from fault in craftsmanship or material, send it in. If it breaks from you accidentally breaking it in the woods, send it in. If it lasts seven years instead of your expected lifetime, send it in.

The reason, however, that A.G. Russell is able to still offer this type of warranty because of the honesty of customers and because of people not taking advantage of it. This type of warranty on any type of product, much less a tool that is supposed to be used for some pretty difficult things, is very rare to find and in order to keep it around you have to not overdo it. Respect your knives and the company so they can continue to offer this total satisfaction guarantee.

Overall, A.G. Russell tops the list because, let’s be honest here, is there any warranty on a knife that is better than a vague total satisfaction guarantee. It really makes sure that you are happy with their knives, and the extent of “happy” is defined by you. (Source)

2. Buck

When you purchase a Buck knife, you are essentially joining a rather vast family of knife owners and people that love the outdoors. This sort of family feeling is transferred over into Buck’s knife warranty and they are extremely understanding and helpful.

Every Buck knife has a warranty against any defect of workmanship or material that does not include misuse of the knife or regular wear and tear. Basically, if you receive a Buck knife that has defects in it either because of the materials or because of the manufacturing process, you can send it in and, at Buck’s discretion, get it fixed or replaced.

While the warranty doesn’t cover regular wear and tear on a knife or if it breaks because of misuse or abuse, you aren’t completely out of luck. For a small, very reasonable fee, you can send in your Buck knife and get it fixed up or parts replaced. If the knife is unable to be replaced, Buck can give you a one-time discount on a new Buck knife.

Buck also offers a S.P.A. service for their branded knives. You basically send in your Buck knife and, for a very small fee, get it sharpened, polished, and adjusted. This allows you to keep your Buck knives in top condition no matter how long you have owned them.

Overall, Buck offers a really great warranty on their knives that is valid for defects in material or workmanship. If you still need your knife fixed, replaced, touched up, or sharpened and it isn’t covered by the warranty, Buck’s got your back and can help you out for a very small and reasonable fee. (Source)


One of the best and most trusted survival knife companies out there, ESEE just makes some really great knives and the warranty that comes with them is exceptional. From what the warranty on their knives entails, it is clear that ESEE really trusts in their knives and makes sure that they are making the best possible tool that they can.

Basically, the warranty on ESEE knives is if you break it, they will replace or fix it. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter how you broke it, just send it in and they will fix it right up or replace it. On top of this already great warranty, ESEE also makes the coverage transferable and you don’t need a proof of purchase so no matter how many times the knife is sold, gifted, or traded, the warranty is still valid. You do have to send in the knife to get the warranty validated though.

While the warranty that comes with ESEE knives is really great, it does have its limitations. The warranty does not cover theft, loss, rust, or wear and tear. If you do need to replace basically any part of your knife or accessories, ESEE does sell a wide selection of replacement parts that you can get if you lose the originals.

This amazing warranty applies to both ESEE carbon steel knives as well as their stainless steel ones. Overall, this is a really great knife warranty (one of the best, in fact) and really shows how much ESEE trusts in their knives and guarantees their quality and durability. While this warranty is there if you need it, ESEE knives are regarded as some of the best and most durable survival knives and it is very unlikely that they will break under regular use with proper maintenance. (Source)


On their website, KA-BAR presents their knife warranty in a sort of legal or contract format, and while this is a little uninviting, their warranty is pretty great especially considering how strong and durable their knives are. KA-BAR knives are considered very durable and hardy by many people because they have been providing military, survival, and outdoor knives for a long time and they are always amazing quality.

Put simply, KA-BAR will replace or repair your knife if there are any defects in material or craftsmanship. This basically ensures that you are getting a pretty great knife that should hold up through regular use with absolutely no problem. Another important thing to note is that this warranty is only good for the lifetime of the original knife owner and is non-transferable.

While the warranty on KA-BAR knives is pretty great considering their long-standing reputation and generally well-made knives, there are some limitations to their knife warranty. To name a few, it does not cover regular wear and tear, it is not transferable from the original owner, and it appears from their complicated wording that the warranty is basically voided after you put in a claim.

While the fine print and the general structure and nature of KA-BAR’s warranty might not be the best, it is pretty great coming from such a well-respected manufacturer and company. I have no doubt that their knives are great and high quality and you will only have to use this limited warranty on very rare occasions, but it is there just in case you need it. (Source)

5. Benchmade

Considered to be a very high quality and trusted brand by many people, Benchmade has been making some really great knives for a long time. Their warranty, while not the most premium on the list, is still pretty good when you consider the quality of their knives and the fact that you probably won’t have to take advantage of their warranty very often.

Benchmade’s knife warranty simply states that they will either repair or replace any of their knives that have defects in material or craftsmanship. While this is a pretty simple and straight forward warranty, it ensures that you are getting a really great and well-made knife that is guaranteed not to break if you don’t abuse it. 

It is important to note that this warranty is only valid for the original owner of the knife and the knife has to be a genuinely Benchmade knife that was purchased from the company or an authorized dealer. The warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, negligence, regular wear and tear, and lack of maintenance to the knife. Modifying a Benchmade knife from its original factory condition also voids the warranty.

Benchmade also offers a free service called LifeSharp for all of its customers. Basically, you send in your Benchmade knife and they will give it back its factory edge. When you send in your knife for the LifeSharp treatment, they can oil, sharpen, clean, and adjust your knife for you so it can keep on providing and working as an amazing tool.

Overall, the warranty on Benchmade knives allows you to rest assured that you are getting a well made and crafted knife that will hold up well against regular use. While it doesn’t cover regular wear and tear under the warranty, it is a natural occurrence on every knife and is just a part of owning a blade. The Benchmade warranty is really great and available on the off chance that you need it. (Source)


CRKT is a pretty large knife manufacturer that has been making some great and innovative knives for quite a while now. While the warranty on their knives is pretty standard, CRKT makes some pretty high-quality knives and the warranty covers most of the common problems that you will run into with their products.

The warranty on CRKT knives is pretty simple: all of their knives are covered by a warranty that says that they will replace or fix any knives that have defects in material or workmanship. The warranty is no longer valid if the knife is transferred away from the original owner and it does not cover regular wear and tear or problems resulting from misuse. The warranty is also voided if you modify your CRKT knife away from the factory standards.

CRKT also offers a large selection of free parts for many of their knife models. You simply fill out a form, select the parts that you need (such as specific screws, bearings, clips, etc.), and they ship them to you for free. It’s pretty simple and great if you lose smaller parts of your knife but it is not covered under the warranty due to being unrelated to the knife material or craftsmanship. 

While the warranty on CRKT knives isn’t as extensive and generous as it could be, it does offer some great services and the free extra parts are an added bonus. Overall, CRKT has a really solid warranty that is especially great because the knives that it is ensuring are well made and it is very unlikely that you will need to take advantage of the warranty. (Source)

7. Spyderco

A really great and reputable company, Spyderco is famous for their pocket knives but also makes a wide variety of other knives and blades. Personally, I really love Spyderco knives, and while their warranty doesn’t make the top of the list, it is still pretty good and ensures that you are getting a high-quality and well-made product.

The warranty on Spyderco knives is only valid for the original owner of the knife and basically covers any defects in material or craftsmanship. If your Spyderco knife breaks or doesn’t work for some reason and it is because of the material or how it was made, Spyderco will either repair the knife or replace it with the same model or one very similar and equal in value.

The warranty does not cover any damage that is caused to the knife due to misuse, abuse, alterations, regular wear and tear, and basically anything that is not because of a fault in material or workmanship. While this warranty is less than ideal, in my opinion, it ensures that you are getting a really quality knife and it if you use it right you will be just fine.

While the warranty might not cover regular repairs and other maintenance, Spyderco has some great extra services available for these types of things. Through their site, you can purchase spare parts as well as send in your knife to be serviced for a reasonable fee.

Overall, the warranty on Spyderco knives isn’t the best in the world, but the addition of some maintenance services and spare parts ordering for a reasonable fee does help it a little bit. In addition to that, Spyderco knives are usually really high quality and the likelihood of you needing to use their warranty is pretty low but it is there if you ever are in the situation where you need it. (Source)

8. Cold Steel

Cold Steel is a really quality and reputable company that makes some pretty amazing and great knives. Their knives are really high quality, and this is reflected in their warranty that they apply to all of their knives. Even though their warranty doesn’t cover everything that could happen and damage your knife, it covers a lot of things that are out of your control and ensures that you are getting a high quality and well-made knife.

The warranty that Cold Steel puts on all of their knives is that they will be free of defects in workmanship and the material that the knife is made of. Basically, if there is anything wrong with the material or workmanship of your Cold Steel knife, you can send it back and they will either replace for repair it.

While this warranty is pretty great and makes sure that you get a well made and put together Cold Steel knife, it does not cover damage to your knife that is not the fault of bad material or craftsmanship. The warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, or lack of maintenance. In addition, if you disassemble your knife, it could void the warranty.

One other important thing that Cold Steel says on their website is, “If you are ever dissatisfied with a Cold Steel product because it breaks in normal use or is in some other way defective, please return it to us with a short explanation of what happened. We will be happy to evaluate the situation and resolve the problem.” This is just showing how much they value the customer and is a really great addition to their already decent warranty.

Overall, Cold Steel is just a great company and the warranty that they put on their knives is also pretty great. While their warranty and policies won’t cover everything, Cold Steel is generally pretty friendly and are happy to work with you so you have the best experience they can provide. Cold Steel knives are usually really high quality, so as long as you use your knife for regular tasks and don’t abuse it, their knife warranty will be more than enough. (Source)

9. Boker

With an impressive warranty that has been around for many years, Boker makes some amazing knives and other products that are high quality and very durable. This company just has a really great track record of providing really great and well-made knives to their costumers again and again.

Put simply, the warranty on Boker knives covers defects in workmanship and material for the life of the product to the original owner. If your knife sustains damage because of problems with the material or the craftsmanship of the knife under normal use, you can send it in and Boker will either replace or repair the knife. It’s pretty straightforward and ensures that you are getting a knife that is high quality and built to last a long time.

This warranty does not cover butterfly knives or any automatic knives. The warranty is also voided, although there are some rare exceptions, if you disassemble the knife, abuse it, misuse it, convert it to an automatic opening system, it rusts, as well as a few other things. 

In addition, Boker also offers some sharpening services for their ceramic knives and you can also purchase replacement parts for their knives as well. For ceramic knives, you simply mail it in with the correct information and forms, and for a small fee, they will sharpen it for you. The replacement parts that they sell through their site you must also purchase for a small fee.

Pretty much, if you don’t do anything weird to your knife and maintain it properly, the warranty should be more than enough because it will cover defects in material or workmanship that are really out of your control. Overall, Boker is a great company and their warranty is decent and it is nice knowing it is there in case you receive a defective product. (Source)

10. Case

Famous for their small folding knives, Case has been around for quite a while and has gained a reputation of being a very high quality and great knife company. Generally, Case knives are regarded as very durable and well made, and their knife warranty reflects that as well.

The warranty that Case puts on all of their knives is really simple and effective. Basically, the warranty covers defects in material or workmanship. Simple and to the point. The warranty does not cover abuse, misuse, or normal wear to the knife.

If you send in your knife and the damages are covered by the warranty, Case will try to fix it to the best of their ability and in the case that it cannot be fixed, they will replace it with a similar or identical knife. If you send in your knife and the damage is not covered by the warranty, Case will attempt to fix it for a fee and in the case that this is not possible, they will send the knife back to you the same way that you sent it.

Overall, the warranty that Case places on their products and knives is decent and makes sure that you are getting a high quality and well-made knife. While it doesn’t cover a lot of things that could happen to your knife, it covers most of the things that are out of your control and as long as you maintain and take care of your Case knife it should last for quite a long time. (Source)

11. Emerson

Emerson knives are a really great knife company that makes some amazing folding knives, among other types. Their knives and blades are really well made, high quality, and are designed to take on some pretty heavy work and activities. 

While it might seem a little confusing on their website, Emerson warranties their knives against any defects in craftsmanship and material. It’s pretty simple and straight forward, but the warranty does not cover abuse, misuse, or anything that does is not considered to be regular use of a knife. And in the end, it is up to Emerson whether or not your claim is valid or not.

The warranty on Emerson knives is pretty basic and they don’t really offer anything extraordinary, but there are some other services that they offer for a small fee that sort of propels the warranty and makes it a pretty great deal. For some very reasonable prices, you can send in your Emerson knife to the company and get it serviced and repaired. 

Emerson knives are regarded as pretty high quality and are made with a lot of care and thought. While their warranty doesn’t cover everything that you could run into while owning a knife, it does cover quite a bit and ensures that you are getting a really well-made knife. 

Overall, the warranty that Emerson offers on their knives is pretty great especially because they also offer some repair and maintenance services as well for a small fee. Pretty much, with Emerson, you are going to be taken care of and you can rest knowing that you are getting a well made and quality knife or the company will make it right. (Source)

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