How to Say CRKT Brand and Knife Names: Is It Pronounced “Cricket”?

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Some brand names are confusing or difficult to pronounce, and the knife brand CRKT is one of those that can be challenging to know precisely how you’re supposed to say it. After analyzing how CRKT management and other prominent people in the knife industry pronounce CRKT, here is what I found regarding how to say the company’s name correctly.

The knife brand CRKT, which stands for Columbia River Knife and Tool, is pronounced by saying each individual letter like an initialism (sEE-ar-kaY-tEE). The CRKT knife brand is not pronounced “cricket,” despite its similar spelling to the word.

CRKT also has many knife model names that are difficult to pronounce, so I’ll go over how to say a few of the most popular knife names that are challenging. Pronouncing brand names can sometimes be confusing, so let’s get right into it and take a more in-depth look at the CRKT knife brand, its naming, and a few of their knife model names. 

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How to Correctly Pronounce CRKT Knife Brand Name

I have always pronounced the CRKT knife brand name as individual letters, so when someone asked me about a “cricket” knife brand, I was perplexed. We eventually sorted it out and figured out we were talking about the same knife brand but just pronounced it differently.

This encounter got me thinking: what is the correct way to pronounce the CRKT knife brand’s name?

I quickly went to as many knife review videos online as I could and assessed how other prominent people in the knife industry pronounced CRKT. Nearly universally, everyone pronounced the CRKT knife brand as individual letters.

Even all of the official CRKT knife commercials and videos put out by the CRKT company say their name as individual letters. If it’s good enough for the actual company we’re talking about, it’s good enough for me!

CRKT is pronounced as an initialismOpens in a new tab.. You say all four letters, just like you would if you were reciting your alphabet. Phonetically spelled out, you would pronounce the CRKT knife brand as sEE-ar-kaY-tEE.

Why Do Some People Incorrectly Think CRKT is Pronounced “Cricket”?

Now that we’ve gone over how exactly you’re supposed to pronounce CRKT, it begs the question, why do some people still insist that you’re supposed to pronounce it as “Cricket”?

There isn’t a single answer to this question, but it likely stems from CRKT simply looking like a strangely abbreviated version of the word cricket.

Especially recently, many brands attempt to stand out and become memorable by spelling common words strangely or without specific letters. While it’s entirely topically unrelated, the video streaming platform LBRY is often pronounced as “Library” despite its unique spelling.

If you’ve not been around the knife community for a while or watched videos where people pronounce CRKT, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that you pronounce CRKT as “Cricket.” However, as previously discussed, you’re supposed to pronounce the knife company CRKT as an initialism by saying each letter by name.

What Does CRKT Knife Brand Name Stand For?

Whenever there is an initialism or acronym that isn’t widely used, there will always be people who don’t take the time to find out what it means and instead speculate what it stands for with outlandish phrases. So here is what CRKT stands for, according to the official CRKT websiteOpens in a new tab., just to clear up any confusion.

The CRKT knife company’s name officially stands for Columbia River Knife and Tool.

Some people like to refer to the company by its full name of Columbia River Knife and Tool. However, the abbreviation CRKT is the company’s official name, so it is more commonly used and accepted.

9 Difficult CRKT Knife Model Names and How to Pronounce Them

photo of a dark colored folding knife closed on a black background

The names of individual CRKT knife models can sometimes be as difficult to pronounce as the name of the company that makes them.

To clear up any confusion you have, and so you don’t make a fool of yourself at the sporting goods store or while you’re with your friends, below are a few of the most difficult CRKT knife names to pronounce and how to say them accurately.

Let’s quit wasting precious time and get right into it!

1. How to Pronounce CRKT APOC

You pronounce CRKT APOC by saying the letter “a” and then “pock” (AY-pAHk).

The CRKT APOC is a unique knife with a striking design that looks like it would fit nicely in a disaster film or zombie movie. It has many indentions and designs on the blade of the knife and around the handle. It’s got that decorated and rugged look, but nothing too flashy that takes away from its practical design.

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2. How to Pronounce CRKT CEO

You pronounce CRKT CEO by saying each individual letter in the name like you would when reciting the alphabet (sEE-EE-oh).

The CRKT CEO is a very minimalistic and slim knife that doesn’t look all the heavy-duty or sturdy just because of its quant profile. However, the CRKT CEO is actually quite strong, well built, and can handle most tasks that you come across on a daily basis.

If you would like to get a CRKT CEO pocket knife for yourself, click hereOpens in a new tab..

3. How to Pronounce CRKT Chanceinhell

The name can look intimidating to pronounce, but you actually pronounce the CRKT Chanceinhell just like you would say “chance in hell” (chAnts-in-hEl).

The CRKT Chanceinhell is a very interesting and robust machete that is great for bushwhacking, camping, and just about any other outdoor activity. Overall, it is a very ergonomic and comfortable machete that stands up to a lot of use and is pleasant to hold for long periods of time.

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4. How to Pronounce CRKT Drip Tighe

You pronounce the CRKT Drip Tighe as you would regularly say “drip” and then “tie” like tying your shoelaces (drip-tIE).

The CRKT Drip Tighe is named after the designer of the knife, Brian Tighe. The primary feature that stands out on the knife is the incredibly unique handle design. The handle of the CRKT Drip Tighe resembles syrup dripping down off a stack of pancakes. It’s a bit of a strange design choice, but I have to admit, it looks pretty cool!

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5. How to Pronounce CRKT Daktyl

You pronounce the CRKT Daktyl precisely like you would the end part of the dinosaur known as pterodactyl (DACK-til).

The CRKT Daktyl is a very skeletonized and light folding knife that, while not super sturdy due to its minimalist design, is lightweight and extremely easy to carry around. Everything from the knife design to the folding and locking mechanism on this knife is exceptionally unique. It’s an excellent knife for everyday carry or backpacking due to its lightweight design.

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6. How to Pronounce CRKT Heiho

There is a little bit of confusion surrounding how to pronounce the CRKT Heiho, but according to an official CRKT promotional videoOpens in a new tab. of the knife, it’s pronounced like you’re saying “hi” and then “hoe” (hIE-hoe).

The CRKT is a pretty standard folding knife with a relatively slender blade and sturdy, solid handle. The entire design seems to be heavily inspired by katana and samurai blade designs.

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7. How to Pronounce CRKT HVAS

You pronounce the CRKT HVAS by saying each of the letters individually, the same way you pronounce the company’s name that makes the knife, CRKT (aitCH-vee-AY-ess). 

The CRKT HVAS is a very well-designed knife that brings an incredibly unique function called field strip technology to the table. Essentially, it allows you to disassemble and reassemble your knife to clean it on-the-go quickly. It’s an exciting knife with a unique solution to an age-old problem.

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8. How to Pronounce CRKT Seismic

You pronounce CRKT Seismic by saying “cosmic” but with the word “sigh” replacing the beginning of the word (sais-miCK).

The CRKT Seismic is a rather large knife that is exceptionally sturdy and well built. It’s one of those folding knives that can really take a beating and hold up very well through a lot of intensive use. The knife’s design is leaning a little into the cheesy tactical side of things, but it’s overall very practical and a solid knife.

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9. How to Pronounce CRKT Xolotl

You pronounce the CRKT Xolotl like you’re saying “show lot,” and then a sort of whispered “L’ sound added to the end (SHO-lot-Uhl).

Inspired by many sources, including the Aztec god of fire, the CRKT Xootl is a unique and fascinating dagger-style blade that you can use for an innumerable number of tasks. It’s definitely an eye-catching design that is sure to impress your friends, as well as serve as a practical tool for any job you come across.

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