Recommended Gear: Camping Knives

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Perfect for a weekend camping trip or for just being in the outdoors, camping knives are great knives that are designed for the outdoors and the various activities you might encounter while in nature.

I’ve used a variety of different camping knives at different price points, but my favorite overall is the Morakniv Companion (click here to check the price on Amazon). It is not the most expensive camping and outdoor knife there is, but I’ve seen the Mora Companion just crush the competition over and over again when it comes to the build quality and design of the knife.

Many people seem to buy the most expensive knife for the outdoors because they reason that the more a knife costs, the higher the quality and the more durable it will be. However, I just have not seen that to be the case because the Morakniv Companion is just a beast of a knife and it is far cheaper than other popular outdoor and camping knives.

My Camping Knife Recommendation

As I mentioned before, my all-time favorite camping knife is the Morakniv Companion. There are just so many great things about it, and you really can’t go wrong because it is a slightly cheaper knife.

One of the major things that I love about the Morakniv Companion is the versatility of the blade and the entire knife. While some knives are specifically designed for a certain task and are not ideal for others, the Companion is a really good multi-purpose knife.

Personally, I have used the Companion to light a fire, make wooden stakes for my tent, and prepare dinner in the span of about two hours. The Companion was not only able to complete all of these tasks, but it did it very well and I had no trouble using the knife.

The Morakniv Companion is also great because it is perfect for almost everyone. As a beginner at camping and handling knives, it was easy to use and learn with, and even now it is a go-to knife for me just because it is so simple and yet so versatile

So those are just my thoughts on the Morakniv Companion. It works wonderfully well and has held up for a long time and has been through a lot of use. Really, its one of the best camping knives you can get for a very reasonable price.

Other Great Camping Knives 

Now I understand that the Morakniv Companion isn’t going to be the perfect camping knife for everyone, that’s why I’ve put together a list of some other great knives for camping and the outdoors.

By no means are these the only options out there, but these are my personal knife recommendations for anyone that loves to be in the outdoors or go camping. They are all really good options, but again, my personal favorite is the Morakniv Companion.

Camping KnifeLow BudgetMedium BadgetHigh Budget
Opinel #8 Pocket Knife

Morakniv Companion

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Buck Vanguard

Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter

While the build quality of a knife does go up with the price, I have tested and proven many times that low budget camping knives are really great and can do most of the things that you need a knife to. 

Below I will go into a little bit more detail regarding the different knives for outdoor use and camping that I recommend and that are in the table above.

Opinel #8 Pocket Knife 

While not the most ideal knife design for camping and the outdoors, the Opinel #8 is a great little pocket knife that is very durable, light, versatile, and cheap. While the Opinel #8 itself is absolutely amazing and really affordable, there are two main things that make it not the perfect camping knife. 

First, it is a folding knife, which should be avoided if possible just because they are usually not as strong as a fixed-blade knife and can’t complete some of the tasks you would want them to while camping. And second, the blade is only 3.25 inches long which is a little short for a camping and outdoor knife.

The main redeeming thing about the Opinel #8 Folding Knife is the reasonable and budget-friendly price tag. 

Morakniv Companion

This knife is just the perfect camping knife for me and I just can’t say how much I love it.
The build quality, design, blade, price, and everything else about the Morakniv Companion is just great.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

The Gerber Bear Grylls Knife is a great camping and outdoor knife option. The entire design of the knife is intended to best suit the needs of the outdoors. Everything from the grippy handle, built-in ferro rod, and striking notch on the spine of the blade, a really good bolster to separate the blade and handle, and so much more.

While this knife might be a little overkill for many people that are just camping or spending time in the outdoors, you can never have too good of a knife even if you aren’t in extreme conditions.

If you don’t like the half-serrated blade, there is a version of the Gerber Bear Grylls Knife that has a fine edge without serration that you can check out here.

For the price, the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife is a great option for anyone that is camping or in the outdoors often and would like to eventually move on to more intense camping or even bushcraft. 

Buck Vanguard

Moving up in price from my other suggestions, the Buck Vanguard is a great all-around knife that works well with tasks in the outdoors and while camping.

While the Vanguard is also one of my favorite hunting and skinning knives, it is such a classic and versatile blade that is an amazing camping and outdoor knife as well. The blade on this knife is phenomenal. It is a really high quality, smooth-edged, durable blade that allows you to do more cutting and less time sharpening and honing the blade.

While the Buck Vanguard is a slightly more expensive knife, it is defiantly reasonable for the quality and performance that this knife has.

Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter

One of the best camping knives out there, the Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter is just a beast of a knife that can do almost any outdoor activity you throw at it. The main reason that my recommended camping knife is the Mora Companion and not the Bushcrafter is the price of this knife.

If you are able to justify the price tag on the Benchmade Bushcrafter, it is defiantly worth it. The whole knife is literally a piece of art and it is so functional and easy to use it is almost unbelievable.

While the Bushcrafter is made and designed for a little more extreme activities than you would usually encounter on a basic camping trip, it does so well at the harder tasks that it blows right through the easier stuff.

The Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter is really one of the most top-of-the-line camping knives that there is and is totally worth the investment if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors and maybe dabble in some bushcrafting or survival skills.

What to Look for in a Good Camping Knife

A good camping knife is really any knife that is durable, can handle outdoor use, and is versatile and easy to use. While there are a few more things to think about when picking a camping knife, those are the basics and main features to look for.

The handle of a good camping knife should be grippy and preferable have some type of bolster to protect your fingers from sliding down onto the blade. 

The blade of a good camping knife needs to be strong and durable and preferably full tang, but it is not necessary. The type of jobs and tasks you will commonly run into while camping are not going to be too hard on your knife, but a full tang will ensure that your knife can handle it with ease. However, partial tang and folding knives make great camping knives but just can’t be used for some of the more intensive tasks that you will run into.

Lastly, a good camping knife needs a good and ergonomic design. There will be times where you must use your knife for a long period of time and if it is uncomfortable to hold or it has a weird design that hinders effective use, you will have trouble completing that task that you have to complete.

Basically, camping knives should be durable and practical. If a knife has those two things, it will work just fine for most of the activities you will encounter while camping and being in the outdoors.

However, if you are planning on being in more extreme situations or are practicing survival or bushcraft skills, I suggest you check out my personal recommendations for survival knives. 


Overall, I really love my Morakniv Companion and think it is the best option out there for a camping knife. The Mora is just so versatile, durable, and reasonably process that it is defiantly the best option out there in my opinion.

But if you don’t like my main suggestion of the Morakniv Companion for some reason, there are plenty of other camping knives out there including the other options I suggest.

The list of all my recommended camping knives:

If you are looking for some good quality knives for different activities as well as some other outdoor gear, I have pages just like this one where I show you what I recommend for different types of knives and gear.

Check out my recommended gear page on this site to see all the gear that I personally recommend and love. All of it is battle-tested gear and knives that I love and recommend without hesitation.